Want to create more balance, purpose and productivity in your life?

Do yourself a favor and stop avoiding change.

Break free of constantly finding excuses and living in the just enough.


In five quick and easy modules, I will give you the push that you need to declutter, refocus and re-energize your Mind, your Heart and your Routine so that you can start living

free, confident, and successful,

no matter where you are at, and what you are trying to accomplish your life.

  • The Method Get my 5 step foundation to help you set personal goals and make sustainable changes to build success in all areas of your life in a way that truly works for you! 

  • The Movement Stop feeling "stuck" and gain back control, so you can own your future and maximize your life.

  • The Momentum  Take action now, and use these core principles to continuously improve and change your life. 

Feel empowered. Be confident & Thrive.

Are you ready to finally turn the corner and lean into the life you've always deserved to have?

"The only time we have is right now!

How we choose to view and inhabit the present moment is solely up to us."

Kimberly Ann Price

“Kim’s ability to pinpoint imbalances in your body along with her nutrition expertise make implementing changes and seeing results painless.



 Since working with her my digestion and energy have improved significantly.  Kim is caring and supportive but always upfront and honest.


Anyone with a drive to make healthy lifestyle changes will see results from working with her.” 


Alyssa Flamm

I started seeing Kimberly almost a year ago after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  At the beginning I was not feeling well, was tired all of the time and just felt off.  Kimberly helped me understand the real importance of nutrition and taking healthy supplements that were right for my body.  


I appreciate her professionalism and her patience as she continues to take the time to listen to my concerns and helps me stay on the path that’s right for me.  Through her guidance, support and knowledge, I am finally on my way to feeling healthy and normal again! 



Wendy Longden

Kim is a wealth of knowledge and is my go to when it comes to questions pertaining to nutrition. Her wealth of knowledge she has gained in her journey to find answers to better herself and family makes her different from the rest because she has lived it. Her passion is evident. If you have basic questions in regards to nutrition or more complex ones related to hormones, autoimmune disorders or cancer she is the woman you want to talk to.

Maybe even more importantly if you or someone you love is battling cancer and struggling to navigating through the medical world and made the right decision for you. She will not only be a great resource, but phenomenal advocate for you. 

Dr. Abbie Mork

  • Des Moines, Iowa


  • (515) 240-7755


I'm an Iowa mama of 4 crazy kids + anti-aging expert + speaker + podcaster+ master of all things WELLness, on a mission to help you THRIVE.